Camp Meeting Week One - August 3-9

Evangelist: Jerry Coleman, Francis Asbury Society

                                                Jerry leads the team of Francis Asbury Society speakers who, together, have many years of                                                       ministry experience carrying the Good News to over 50 countries. In 1988 he received a call to                                                     Jesus for spiritual awakening, which was confirmed in 1989 when he attended the first Francis                                                     Asbury Society Spiritual Awakening Conference. Jerry believes “the deep personal call for the                                                     nations in 1988 and a love for the people of all cultures helps to prepare me for the challenges                                                       and opportunities with FAS.”

                                                To learn more about Jerry, please visit Jerry's Francis Asbury Society Page                                                                            

Camp Meeting Week Two - August 11-16, 2019

Evangelist: Billy Huddleston

                                             Billy Huddleston has been preaching and singing forever. Well . . . since 1998. He has recorded                                              six CDs, is passionate about preaching straight from Scripture and is booked over 48 weeks out of                                              the year.

                                             Billy loves Southern Gospel music, Carolina BBQ and the color green. If you find him relaxing,                                            you’ll catch him with his two Shih Tzu’s, Willis and Tucker, or wrapped up in a good book. Two of                                            his favorites are Return of the Prodigal by Henri Nouwen and Shaped By the Cross by Ken Gire.                                                Billy also enjoys exercising at the gym.

 To learn more about Billy, you are invited to visit Billy's web-site.